Paid Blogger Networks


What are the Qualifications to Join Paid Blogger Networks?

Most networks consider bloggers on an individual basis.  Many factors play into which bloggers will be approved and what campaigns they will be chosen for.  Some of those factors may include:

  • Blog Stats – Track your Monthly Unique Visitors (setup and install Google Analytics and a quality tracking plugin), Google page rank (Hint: Aim for a PR3 or above, you can accomplish this through a backlinking strategy), and Alexa score (Hint: Registering your site with Alexa will boost your score).
  • Social Media Stats & Influence – Ensure that you have strong engagement on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, forums and public communities, etc.
  • Representation & Niche – Your blog may address a topic or demographic that they want to target.
  • Voice & Authenticity – Your blog has a unique tone, writing style or theme that is a good fit for a campaign.
  • Social Connections – You influence other influential bloggers and media networks in your niche.

Tips for Joining Paid Blogger Networks

Keep in mind that the minimum payment for most opportunities with paid blogger networks is $25 per post, but this does not mean that you should always be willing to accept this amount.  Many bloggers use the strategy of joining several networks in their niche and scanning for opportunities that pay $150, $300 or more.  HINT: The higher paying opportunities come as you build relationships within blogging networks and demonstrate your ability to provide high-quality, engaging content.  Having access to many opportunities at once ensures that you will find the ones that best fit your blog and your professional standards.

Also be sure that you are subscribed to their newsletters so that you can be alerted when new opportunities are shared.  Reply promptly  because the first qualified bloggers to respond are usually the ones who get the opportunities.  Completing assignments regularly with a network can also help you to build a relationship of trust that may bring special, higher paying opportunities your way in the future.

Quick Tip: Use to manage your network subscriptions to be sure that you don’t miss any opportunities.

A List of Recommended Paid Blogger Networks

While most of the networks below are targeting women and moms, many welcome men and dad bloggers as well.  Please reach out to them on Twitter, via email or by submitting an application to see if your blog qualifies.

Last Updated 07/17/2014

  1. BlogHer
  2. Social Fabric
  3. Clever Girls Collective
  4. Latina Mom Bloggers
  5. Latina Bloggers Connect
  6. Mami Innovative Media
  7. B-Link Network (Blogalicious)
  8. One-2-One Network
  9. Social Moms
  10. Mom Bloggers Club
  11. Niche Parent Network
  12. Simply Sassy Media
  13. Stiletto Media
  14. Ella Media
  15. Sits Girls
  16. GigaSavvy (click here to sign up)
  17. Latina Lifestyle Bloggers
  18. Muslim Mom Media Network
  19. Sway Group (by invitation only)
  20. Mission List (a social-good initiative via Women Online)

Do you have a favorite network that I missed?  I’d love to check it out and maybe even include it on this page.  Email your recommendations to

Ad Networks

  1. Google Adsense
  2. AdGroups
  3. Alcance Media
  4. Passionfruit Ads

Paid Review Sites

  1. ReviewMe
  2. Payperpost
  3. SocialSpark
  4. BlogsVertise
  5. SponsoredReviews 
  6. GigCoin 
  7. LinkVehicle
  8. BuyBlogReviews
  9. LinkWorth
  10. LinkFromBlog
  11. Blogitive
  12. LoudLaunch
  13. BlogDistributor
  14. BloggingAds

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