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What people are saying

  • “Chantilly is always professional, reliable and dedicated.  She is always willing to spend a few extra minutes educating, advising and offering tips on how to improve my blog.”
    Vianney Rodriguez
  • “I would recommend Chantilly without hesitation for any project that requires a hardworking, passionate and diligent taskmaster with vision.”
    George Torres
  • "The best part of working with Chantilly is the one-on-one consultation. I had been blogging for over 4 years and had no idea all the things I had been doing wrong."
    Stacy-Ann Gooden
  • “Her web designs are beautiful, her campaigns are powerful, and she has helped us get the attention online that our organization truly deserves.”
    Angelica Perez-Litwin
  • “Chantilly takes the time to know her client and their brand on a more personal level. She shows great passion, dedication, and love for what she does. A true talent with a phenomenal gift!”
    Eileen Carter-Campos
  • “She was so easy to work with, always making sure to ask my opinions and incorporate them. I highly recommend Chantilly for her work in web design and social media.”
    Amanda Mouttaki


  • I have been wanting to simplify and redesign my website for a while and I finally found time to do that this week.  My biggest goal for 2017 is to start focusing more on coaching and trainings...and this is exactly what I plan to do!  In the coming weeks I will be expanding the site to make room for my podcasts and more educational resources.  Super excited for the next chapter in this story!  #Fearless2017 #5MinCoach ♥
  • BE VISIBLE. ✨ It sounds easy, but one of the scariest things you can do is make yourself visible.  For years, I've worked behind the scenes.  I'm the one behind the computer screen, behind the camera and doing a lot of technical tasks and very few of the things that require me to be present and visible to an audience.  A lot of it has to do with being an introvert...and some of it's just plain self-doubt.  And this is something I'm working on in 2017...being more visible.  Through our family vlogs on @biculturalfamilia, my #Fearless2017 podcast on YouTube and a series of other projects I'm working on, I'm slowly making my presence known...AND YOU SHOULD TOO. ❤ #Fearless2017 #5MinCoach
  • It's almost time for the big event!  Packing my business cards, a laptop and a camera.  Hope to see you there! #hispztx
  • COLLAB. ✨ One of the BEST ways to grow your brand is through collaboration.  Too many new business owners get caught up in the competitive trap or stunt their growth by going it alone.  Ever hear of the saying, "It takes a village?" Well, that saying also rings true in business.  Not only do you need to build an audience, but you need to open up your brand to regular collaborations in order to grow.  Connect with a local nonprofit, community organization, shop owner, related business or fellow blogger and do something that benefits you both and rallies your audiences together.  Our voices might be small individually, but collectively, we are powerful.  For an example of an incredible collaborator, check out @artelexia. 👏 #Fearless2017 #5MinCoach #Fempreneur #UniquelyYou

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