Chantilly Patiño – Brand Strategist. Web Designer. Creative Entrepreneur.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”  — Pablo Picasso

However big or small, your brand can have a powerful impact on the community you serve and the world.

What you do isn’t an accident and it truly does have meaning, for someone…somewhere.

Deep down, you know that you were meant to do something great.  You know that your life has perfectly prepared you for whatever task it is that you’re undertaking now, and you know that somehow, you will reach your destination.

I know, because I’m on a path just like yours.  I’m someone who started a business out of a need, that grew and grew, until I realized that this is exactly what life has prepared me to do.

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Hello, I’m Chantilly.

I’m a brand strategist, web designer and creative entrepreneur.  I love helping people build brands that make an impact, and especially women who want to make a statement, change the world, or take on a little of both.  ;)

Building a business or organization online is about getting your message out there…into the hands of the people who really need whatever it is that you provide.  Whether that be professional development programs, commentary that makes them think, or videos that reach our deepest urge to laugh or cry.

I’m here to help you realize one thing…

Your brand has a purpose.

Over the past three years, I have consulted with business owners and bloggers who want help developing brands that really reach people on a deeper level.  People who care about what inspires them and want to elevate their mission.

You might be surprised to know that I got my start as a blogger, writing about my life as a ‘bicultural mom‘ and one half of a mixed race relationship.  My blog has been my sounding board where I could talk about the topics that mattered to me most…and a place where I could connect with other families who understood my stories.

To be honest, some of my most meaningful work has been through my blogging platform, the Multicultural Familia Network, a web publishing network that includes Bicultural Mom, Multicultural Familia and Multicultural Bloggers.

After establishing my own community, I realized how much I enjoyed developing brands and websites for other women who wanted to tell their stories and champion a cause.

I started out helping friends and ended up building a business.

It was just three short years ago that I started helping friends to design their websites and create their own successful social communities.  Quickly, I began to realize how much I really enjoyed this kind of work.  I loved helping people to reach their full potential online and make an impact.

Then my husband lost his job.

After my husband’s layoff, I had to get serious.  I started putting all of my energy into my work.  I reached out to friends and family telling them about my services and how I could help.  And it worked.

The response from my community was amazing.  Especially from my fellow bloggers.  Many of the women that I was friends with online started hiring me.  First for smaller tweaks and then for full website redesign and rebranding.

I helped them to build websites that got attention.  I helped them build their strategies and refine their online presence so they could reach more people and make money online.

I had the unique opportunity to work with people who I respected and adored enormously…and I was providing for my family.  I was making this “business” thing work.

Over the years, my business has grown by leaps and bounds, and it continues to grow, because of the support of my community.

I’ve done a lot in the past few years, but here are some of the things that I’m most proud of…

For the past year, I’ve served as the Digital Media Director for ELLA Leadership Institute, an innovative professional development platform for Latinas in leadership, with my good friend and fearless leader, Angelica Perez.  We’ve worked together for over three years, pretty much since the beginning, when she asked me to serve as Managing Editor for NEW LATINA.  I was a huge fan of the site and our personalities just clicked.  As a result, Angelica and I have worked on some amazing projects, including LATINAS THINK BIG and the upcoming Career & Entrepreneurship Conference in New York City.

I’m also proud to have been a part of the crew for the Niche Mommy, a conference for multicultural women bloggers, which debuted it’s inaugural celebration in August 2012 in New Orleans.  As the official Graphic Designer for the event, I created the event signage, programs and promotional items.

On Facebook, I continue to manage a variety of online groups for families and bloggers, including the Multicultural Familia Open Forum, the Multicultural Bloggers Open Forum and the SEO for Bloggers group.

In 2012, I was named as a Top Latina Blogger by LATISM and was honored to attend a first-of-its-kind retreat for Latina leaders in Washington D.C., including an exclusive briefing at The White House, on the issues most affecting Latinos.

I have also appeared at Hispanicize, a conference for Latino Innovators, on a panel dedicated to Multicultural Blogging and also created and moderated another panel specifically addressing Social Cause Blogging.

Through my experiences creating socially relevant brands online, I want to help you and encourage you to realize your own vision.  Together, we’ll uncover your true calling and the unique and marketable talents that can help you take your online brand to the masses and connect with your community.

Would you like to learn more?

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