Welcome to my little creative corner.

chantilly patino circle Welcome to my little creative corner.  Hola!  I’m Chantilly,

I work with ambitious business owners and bloggers to create powerful social campaigns and fresh, innovative, niche-focused websites with a feminine edge.

I’ve spent the last four years helping women to evolve their blogs and businesses into highly successful online platforms.

Brands like Sweet LifeDe Su Mama and Latinas Think Big have grown because the women behind them are passionate, values-driven and willing to take risks.

And I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of their success and growth, helping some truly amazing women to build socially and culturally relevant online brands and powerful web platforms.

Who I work with

My most meaningful projects and deepest connections have been with…

  • Busy moms who want to pursue their passion projects without sacrificing family;
  • Bicultural women who don’t want to compromise who they are to reach their vision;
  • Bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to build recognizable, high-impact brands.

What I do best

  • Take time to get to know you, your brand and your audience;
  • Encourage you to express yourself and embrace your personal story;
  • Extract key information about your project to help you simplify your approach;
  • Coach you through all your options to help you make smart, informed choices;
  • Act as a mediator between your creative ideas and professional goals;
  • Help you to maintain focus and stay on track so you can fulfill your true purpose;
  • Provide support and guidance as you develop a solid business plan;
  • Help you create a network of like-minded supporters who keep you motivated and driven;

How I can help you

  • Work with you to design an effective and beautiful website that targets your audience.
  • Help you to craft your messaging and social marketing strategy to make a bigger impact online.
  • Provide direction, resources and tools to help you reach your long-term goals.
  • Assist you in the development, planning and execution of your big ideas.
  • Support and encourage you to overcome fear and anxiety related to new projects or ventures.
  • Help you to sidestep overwhelm and focus on the best ideas or activities for your brand.

A little more about me…

It’s no secret that I got my start as a blogger, writing about my life as a ‘Bicultural Mom‘.  My first blog served as my sounding board and a way to connect with other women and families who could relate to my stories about life as one half of a mixed relationship and mom to a biracial Latina.  Some of my most meaningful work has been through my blogging platforms.

My experience as a blogger has also given me a unique inside to the world of marketing and online business.  And it’s helped me to understand the psychology behind social engagement and niche targeting.  I use those skills now to help other women build niche-focused brands that help them to reach the right people with their unique message.

A deeper look… View my Myers-Briggs personality profile.page divider Welcome to my little creative corner.  What clients are saying…

LaShawn Wiltz 100px1 Welcome to my little creative corner.  LASHAWN WILTZ

Photographer and Visual Storyteller at Everyday Eyecandy

“I was at a crossroads and was unsure how to move forward. My experience working with Chantilly was excellent!!! I loved the feedback and the suggestions. Even more, I loved the follow up email detailing everything we talked about and the resources included. AWESOME. The best part was hearing someone validate that I was going in the right direction. Thank you so much!”

ANGELICA PEREZ 100px1 Welcome to my little creative corner.  ANGELICA PEREZ-LITWIN

Social Entrepreneur & Creator of LATINAS THINK BIG™

“Chantilly is a loyal supporter of our initiatives and is fully committed to the success of every one of our programs, big or small. She has always provided excellent feedback on our projects and has taken part in every aspect of planning as we work to evolve our current brands.

Her web designs are beautiful, her campaigns are powerful, and she has helped us get the attention online that our organization truly deserves.

vanessa bell headshot Welcome to my little creative corner.  VANESSA BELL

Freelance Writer & Award-winning Latina Blogger at De Su Mama

“After several consultations, Chantilly’s overall vision and design for my site is exactly what I wanted. Chantilly listens to your goals, while providing professional opinion, and doesn’t stop working until you are satisfied with the finished product.”

Vianney Rodriguez 100px2 Welcome to my little creative corner.  VIANNEY RODRIGUEZ

South Texas Food Blogger and Recipe Developer at Sweet Life

“My blog was in dire need of a theme update, a fresh new logo and mobile friendly layout. The entire process was effortless.  Chantilly is always professional, reliable and dedicated.  She is always willing to spend a few extra minutes educating, advising and offering tips on how to improve my blog, including some great SEO tips she offered.”

page divider Welcome to my little creative corner.

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