Welcome to my little creative corner.

Just who is Chantilly, anyway?  Let me share a little bit about myself with you.  I’m an idealist and a creative.  I’m intuitive and analytical.  I’m an empathetic listener and a patient, easy going personality type.  If you really want to dig in further, you can check out my Meyers Briggs Personality assessment.  Not surprisingly, I rank as an INFP.

Through my business, I help entrepreneurial women, especially busy moms (like me) to create businesses and passion projects that fulfill their desires and help them meet the financial needs of their families.

One of my all-time favorite quotes:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”  — Pablo Picasso

It’s why I do what I do.  Not just for myself, but for other women out there who are struggling to identify their value and determine what “gifts” they have to offer.

We’re all meant to do something great…something your life has perfectly prepared you for.

It’s only a matter of time before you connect to the right people, right tools and right resources that can elevate your message to the masses.  You’re almost there.

I know, because I’ve traveled a path just like yours.  My business started out of a need, that grew and grew, until I realized that this is exactly what life has prepared me to do.

chantilly patino circle Welcome to my little creative corner.  I’m Chantilly, a brand strategist and web designer.

Over the past three years, I have built my business by helping women to create their passion projects and evolve their brands.

You might be surprised to know that I got my start as a blogger, writing about my life as a ‘Bicultural Mom‘.  My blog has been my sounding board and a way to connect with other women and families who understood my stories.

Some of my most meaningful work has been through my blogging platforms (Bicultural Mom, Multicultural Familia and Multicultural Bloggers).

My experience as a blogger has given me a unique inside to the world of marketing and online business.  It’s also helped me to understand the psychology behind online and social engagement.

Now, I use that experience, combined with my my fine arts and sociology backgrounds, to help women analyze their messaging and build relevant and engaging online brands.

I’ve helped many women to establish and evolve their online brands, including:

You can probably tell from my work that I have a bit of a focus on niche markets.  I work heavily with Latinas and bicultural women and I love the work I do related to women empowerment, women entrepreneurship and bicultural families.

Through my experiences creating socially and culturally relevant brands online, I want to help you and encourage you to realize your own vision.  Together, let’s uncover your unique and marketable talents and build a brand that truly represents you!


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